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Speaker KANG, Yu-Cheng

Speaker KANG, Yu-Cheng


Being elected as Speaker of Kaohsiung City Council, Ms. Yu-Cheng KANG, aged 58, is graduated from Law School of National Taiwan University and is an accredited lawyer. She served as councilor in Kaohsiung County for 1 term and 2 terms in Kaohsiung City. After Kaohsiung City and Kaohsiung County consolidated in 2010, she was reelected in a row as the city councilor and, in Dec. 25, 2014, became the second term Speaker.

Speaker’s Remarks

A great city is born in the time of change and great citizens are born in the mist of tribulation and kindness. After the 2014 horrifying gas-pipeline explosion, Kaohsiung has once again stood up from the ashes like the legendary phoenix. There were struggles and labors of the people, concerns and efforts of the council members, and diligently hard works from the official team led by Mayor Chen, and of course, the appreciated assistance came from all over the country.

I like to thank all the people who have offered their help to comfort the victims and their families in the gas-pipeline explosion. Because of your love, Kaohsiung is able to generate energies to ease the pain, melt down the hatred, tolerate political differences, and encourage the citizens to open hearts and embrace the bright sunshine again. A city with a “happy, desirable, and safe” environment is a universal belief, and that’s what the council shall require the government to provide.

Kaohsiung is an amazing city for people to create dreams and make their dreams come true. I hope the city government works with this council hand-in-hand to facilitate those big dreams. On behalf of Kaohsiung citizens, all councilors shall check the conducts of city government in the coming 4 years. We are going to monitor city authorities with rationale instead of boycott so that this council will serve as the driving force leading the city to improve and to change.

Standing firmly as the government’s overseer, the Council shall follow professional guidelines such as objective, facts, and check-and-balance and establish broader views and mature debating manners. As long as we, in the representative process, promote what is beneficial and abolish what is harmful for the people when reviewing policies and budgets with justice and harmony in mind, I believe the roles and relationship between Government and Council can be joined together in searching the best interests and bright future for Kaohsiung.