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Deputy Speaker

Deputy Speaker Photo

Profile of Deputy Speaker Cai, Chang-Da Deputy Speaker Cai, Chang-Da “Always On Mission”

Deputy Speaker Cai, Chang-Da is born of and brought up in a farming family at Wengyuan Village, Daliao District.  He had been the 16th-term councilor of Kaohsiung County, and was later elected as one of the first Kaohsiung City councilors after the city/county unification.  At a young age of 40 plus, he was appointed the Deputy Speaker of the council, and became a model for young politicians.

Deputy Speaker Cai does not come from an eminent family, has no prominent background.  His father had been a chief of village, and keen on local affairs, but died early.  Cai started his part-work and part-study life since senior high school years.  He had worked in an electronic factory, dirtied his hands in a screw factory, and also worked in a pineapple field, worked as a real estate agent, opened a seafood store, and sold small hot-pot meals.  Cai has made his way and endured the hardship through various social strata, and finally launched his career in political service by becoming a legislator assistant and villagers’ representative, where he made a world for himself.

Deputy Speaker Cai grows up in the base level, and understands what the common people want – the simple happiness.  Ever since he started his political career, Cai has always been attentive to citizens’ and villagers’ pleadings, and passionate in serving them.  He is hardworking and efficient, and that is why he has won the comment of “always on mission”.

Cai believes that preference should be given to various areas under the original Kaohsiung County after the city/county unification, for preferential construction and care, so that the original Kaohsiung County may catch up in the modernization process, and that the city and county may complement each other with their respective resources.  Also, the expansive developing backland, superior geographic location, rich natural resources, and solid industrial skills may be exploited to build the greater Kaohsiung into a first-rate city.

As the first Deputy Speaker of Kaohsiung City Council after the unification, Cai has concerned himself with balancing regional development.  Sticking to his consistent motto of “always on mission”, he is determined to stay on guard for the people’s rights and interest, so that all Kaohsiung citizens have a share of happiness.