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Kaohsiung City Council

Zeng, Jyun-Jie

Zeng, Jyun-Jie
  • Gender:Male
  • Political party:Kuomintang
  • Telephone:07-3129898
  • Fax:07-3123535
  • Address: No.273, Jiuru 2nd Rd., Sanmin Dist., Kaohsiung City 807, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • Remark:

Education and Experience

  • Education:

    1. Kaohsiung Municipal Shihcyuan Elementary School
    2. Chi Hsien Junior High School
    3. Five-year Junior College Program, Yung Ta Institute of Technology & Commerce
    4. Department of Information Technology, Central Queensland University, Australia
  • Experience:

    1. A member of the 1st term of Kaohsiung City Council after the city-county consolidation
    2. Councilor of the 8th Kaohsiung City Council
    3. Committee Member of the 18th Central Evaluation Committee of KMT
    4. Chairman of Kaohsiung City Street Vendors Association
    5. Counselor of Kaohsiung City Chamber of Commerce
    6. Counselor of Tainan County Fellow-Countrymen Association
    7. Director, Kaohsiung County Fellow Countrymen Association
    8. Consultant, Changhua Fellow Countrymen Association
    9. Consultant, Kaohsiung City Vocational Association for Beauty & Hair Salons
    10. Consultant, Kaohsiung City Citizens' Public Vocational Union
    11. Consultant, Kaohsiung City Public Markets’ Union
    12. Consultant, Kaohsiung City Automobiles Association
    13. Consultant, Heti Community Committee Chairpersons Union
    14. Counselor, Volunteer Squadron at the Haerpin Police Station, Sanmin First Precinct, Kaohsiung City Police Department