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Kaohsiung City Council

Li, Ya-Hui

Li, Ya-Hui
  • Gender:Female
  • Political party:Democratic Progressive Party
  • Telephone:3498338
  • Fax:3498386
  • Address: No.42, Wenkang Rd., Zuoying Dist., Kaohsiung City 813, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • Remark:

Education and Experience

  • Education:

    1. Kaohsiung City Zuoying District Sheng Li Elementary School
    2. Kaohsiung Municipal Zuoying Junior High School
    3. Kaohsiung City Li-chih Senior High School
    4. Chia Nan University of Pharmacy & Science
  • Experience:

    1. Visiting research member at Japan Keio University of school of Medical
    2. Executive secretary of Legislator Chao tien-lin in Getting Together Art Festival
    3. Executive officer in literature and art for Legislator Chao tien-lin Legislator Li kun-tse Election office special assistant