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Kaohsiung City Council

Chiang, Jui-Hung

Chiang, Jui-Hung
  • Gender:Male
  • Political party:Democratic Progressive Party
  • Telephone:3721119
  • Fax:3710012
  • Address: No.212, Renle St., Renwu Dist., Kaohsiung City 814, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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Education and Experience

  • Education:

    1. Renwu District Village representative
    2. Executive committee chief of Renwu District farmer’s association
    3. Managing Director; Chairman Renwu District Tongxin Charity organization
    4. Consultant of Police Department Renwu branch Friends of the Police Association 5. Supervisor of Renda Lions Club
    5. Dashe Elementary School Outstanding Alumni
    6. Renwu Senior High School Outstanding Alumni
    7. Consultant team leader of Renwu Volunteer Firemen secondary team
    8. Undergraduate of National Sun yat-sen University Executive master of public policy program
  • Experience:

    1. Strived and raised funds for the establishment of community center for Bagua and Beiwu village in Renwu District
    2. Strived for the construction of Bade 2nd interchange.
    3. Supervised the last 730 meters of the origin of the Love river remediation.
    4. Revitalized the international ice skating rink in multiple directions.
    5. Strived for the employment of additional security at Renwu District No.3 branch.
    6. Supervised the progress of Wannei Elementary School new campus.
    7. Strived for construction of additional elder and child care center at the old Wannei Elementary School building.
    8. Strived for expansion of Renxin Road.
    9. Supervised the progress of Renwu industrial zone.
    10. Strived for Sun Yat-sen University to return the lands for the construction of a large metropolis park.
    11. Suggested multi-directional development at Guanyin lake and enhance the leisure resource of Renwu District.
    12. Strive for the fundraising and construction of Renwu multipurpose office building.
    13. Strive for the fundraising and construction of the Dashu old bridge sports area.
    14. Suggestion on renewing Chingcing lake to improve tourism in Kaohsiung.
    15. Develop the whole Guanyin mountain for tourist hiking.
    16. Strive for construction of a new “Metro green subway” at Renwu, Niaocong, and Dashe for the convenience and prosperity of citizens.