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Kaohsiung City Council

Osaka Prefectural Assembly
Osaka Prefecture

Osaka Prefecture is one of the two first-class administrative regions in Japan (the other is Kyoto Prefecture). Osaka is located in the Kinki region of Honshu (which is generally known as the Kansai region). Originally known as “Namba,” the city connects with the neighboring areas such as Kyoto prefecture, Nara Prefecture, Hyogo Prefecture, and Wakayama Prefecture. The southwest side of Osaka is Osaka Bay, which the world-renowned airport on an artificial island, Kansai International Airport, was built on. The airport is under the governance of the Osaka prefecture.
The Osaka prefecture population is about 8.82 million. Osaka governs 33 cities, 24 areas, 5 districts, 9 towns, and 1 village. Osaka city is one of the most important cities, and also where the Prefectural Government is located. Other cities neighboring Osaka city as part of the metropolis are densely populated with important heavy industries. 

Council Summary

Osaka Prefecture Assembly

The Osaka Prefecture Assembly is divided into 53 election zones. Every four years, 88 assembly members will be elected, with three regular meetings held annually. The Osaka Prefecture Assembly is operated by members of the 5 parliamentary groups and the assembly members consists of the permanent committee, assembly operation committee, special committee, and other committees.

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