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Kaohsiung City Council

Wakayama City Council
Wakayama City

Wakayama city is located in the north of Wakayama prefecture and southwest of the Kinki area in Japan which is also the core cities of Japan. The Wakayama prefecture government is located in Wakayama city. The establishment of Wakayama city can be traced back to 1585 where Toyotomi Hidenaga was appointed by Toyotomi Hideyoshi to construct the Wakayama castle in the area. During the Edo era, this place was castle town which governed by the Kii Tokugawa House, one of the Three Houses of the Tokugawa. The city has become prosperous as the castle town. In 1879, under the division policy of county, ward, town, and village in Japan, Wakayama castle town was combined with Nagusa county and Ama county to become a second level administrative region known as the Wakayama ward. In 1889, the ward became Wakayama city under the new division policy.

Council Summary

Wakayama City Council

Wakayama City Council is Multi-Member District which has only 1 elective district, with a total of 38 members who are elected once every 4 years.
Council president - Matsui Norihiro   Deputy council president - Sibamoto Kazuki

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