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Kaohsiung City Council

Lee, Shun-Chin

Lee, Shun-Chin
  • Gender:Male
  • Political party:Non-Partisan Solidarity Union
  • Telephone:07-8061119
  • Fax:07-8071402
  • Address: No.610, Hongping Rd., Xiaogang Dist., Kaohsiung City 812, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • Remark:

Education and Experience

  • Education:

    1. Ha-Shan Elementary School
    2. Kaohsiung City Siaogang Elementary School
    3. Kaohsiung Municipal Siao Gang Junior High School
    4. Tung Fang Institute of Technology
    5. Master, College of Social Sciences, National Sun Yat-sen University
  • Experience:

    1. A member of the 1st and 2nd term of Kaohsiung City Council after the city-county consolidation
    2. Councilor of the 6th and 7th Kaohsiung City Council
    3. Convener, Security Corps of Kaohsiung City Council
    4. Convener, Da Lin Pu Protesting Group against the Hou Jin Chinese Petroleum Corporation Factory of Kaohsiung City Council
    5. The 5th and 6th Village Chief of Jinan Village, Xiaogang District, Kaohsiung City
    6. Deputy Convener, Agriculture, Forestry and Marine Unit, Kaohsiung City Council
    7. Member of Kaohsiung City Protection of Rights and Interests for Physical and Mental Disorders Unit Committee
    8. Member of Environmental Supervision Project Kaohsiung City Council Committee
    9. Kaohsiung City Real Estate Appraisal Committee
    10. Kaohsiung City Land Value and Standard Land Value Evaluation Committee
    11. General Consultant, Kaohsiung Land Administration Agent Guild
    12. Honorary Chairman, Harbour Safety Association