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Kaohsiung City Council

Cai, Jin-Yan

Cai, Jin-Yan
  • Gender:Male
  • Political party:Kuomintang
  • Telephone:07-5328761
  • Fax:07-5328763
  • Address: No.26-1, Qixian 3rd Rd., Yancheng Dist., Kaohsiung City 803, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • Remark:

Education and Experience

  • Education:

    1. Ph.D., Graduate Institute of Hydraulic & Ocean Engineering, National Cheng Kung University
    2. St. Dominic High School
  • Experience:

    1. A member of the 1st term of Kaohsiung City Council after the city-county consolidation
    2. Part-time Assistant professor, Cheng Shiu University
    3. Director, the 1st and 2nd Sports Association of Kaohsiung City
    4. Assistant, the Former Deputy Speaker Tsai, Sung-Hsiung’s Service Office, Kaohsiung City Council
    5. Central Committee Member of the 18th National Party Congress of KMT
    6. Chairman of KMT Department of Youth Affairs in Kaohsiung City 2009 & 2010
    7. Consultant, the 12th Kaohsiung City Ke-Cai Clan Association