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Kaohsiung City Council

1. Kaohsiung County Senate (1946 – 1951)

After the recovery of Taiwan, the Kaohsiung County Senate was established on April 15, 1946 (administrative district included Pingtung County). Fongshan Chung Cheng Hall was chosen to house the senate. In accordance with law 60 senators were selected who then elected Mr. Ye, Deng-Ji to be the speaker and Mr. Liou, Jhao-Sih to be the deputy speaker. On April 27, 1950, both the speaker and deputy speaker resigned at the 15th assembly of the first term senate. On July 20 of the same year, during the 26th assembly, the senate elected Chen, Kun-Lun and Chen, Cing-Wun to assume the speaker and deputy speaker posts.

2. Kaohsiung County Council (1951 – 2010)

Upon the completion of the administrative district division between Kaohsiung County and Pingtung County in October 1950, the government proclaimed the implementation of local autonomy and adopted a system of universal suffrage starting in 1951. The county’s 24 plain land townships and 3 mountain villages were divided and merged into 10 electoral districts. On December 17, 1950, 47 councilors, including 4 councilwomen, were elected. The first term Kaohsiung County Council was established on January 11, 1951, and elected Chen, Cing-Wun and Lin, Tian-Ding to be the speaker and deputy speaker, opening a new chapter of local autonomy in Kaohsiung County.